Baja Telecaster

You know, Baja is a word that can say everything by itself. In this review i’m talking about the Baja Telecaster, which is, essentially, the best guitar you can have right now.

This guitar just has the sound you’re hoping for, fresh and classic Tele at the same time. It has a thin polyester finish over an ash body, and it’s really comfortable to use and play, i just love it. I tried the desert sand color one and fell in love after 2 seconds, you can’t go back after you have tried this baby.

Like they say:

The Baja is the brainchild of Fender Custom Shop master builder Chris Fleming — and its array of features shows what a creative brain the man must have.

And i can’t agree more with this sentence!

You can have it too, if you want, check it out online for around 800$, which is a great price, because they managed to keep it low thanks to the lower cost to made it in Mexico.

What are you waiting for? Don’t be a fool, go for it!!!

Click Here to Buy Now

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