Samsung Galaxy S III la “recensione” di Ars Technica

Per quello che ho potuto vedere in video, non posso che concordare.

Comfortable enough, but also rather cheap. This isn’t the first Samsung smartphone to be built out of plastic, and I’m sure it won’t be the last. Plastic is a good material. I have nothing against plastic. Plastic is lightweight. It’s forgiving; glass phones smash, metal phones dent, but plastic phones just flex (at least, to a point). It enables a tremendous variety in colors, textures, and finishes. Nokia’s Lumia 800 and 900 phones are both plastic, for example, but their appearance, texture, and solid feel have been widely praised. Likewise the HTC One X; both it and the Lumias are made from a machined block of polycarbonate.

Unfortunately, Samsung uses the same thin, flexible, cheap-feeling plastic on the Galaxy S III as it did its predecessors, and it makes the phone feel like it cost about $2. Since I doubt it will cost $2, this is not a good thing. Both the Galaxy S III and the Lumia 800 are plastic phones—both polycarbonate, so the same family of plastic, in fact—but only one of them feels high quality, and it’s not the quad core flagship device.

via Samsung Galaxy S III hands on: fast, thin, and a little bit cheap feeling.



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